Our family loves Bluey! Mom, Dad, and our two kids talk about each episode of Bluey, starting with the very first episode and continuing in order as they appear on Disney+. We discuss the events of the episodes, plus touch on what lessons we've learned from. It's good family fun for anyone who loves Bluey.
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Sorry I accidentally hit one but I meant 5 star
And I love this podcast and I am 9 and I want to hear more of Henry
Hi my name is Leah im 8 years old and I love you so so so so much very good podcast and I wanna hear more of all of you all of you are so good and I love this podcast and I love the episode hammer barn. I wish you could’ve say a little bit more of some of the and some of the episodes but that’s OK. I still read it 100 stars and please introduce me please please please please please I really want to be on the show my my way to be on the show so please and PS I love you so so so so so much and merry Christmas
On spy game the password is diplodocus (dip-low-doe-shus) not diplodocus (dip-low-doe-kus). (The podcast is awesome 🤩)
Alrighty I want to start out on this want stay anonymous so please do not say my username please if you’re planning to do shout-out to m But anyways I love Bluey as 16 year old and I watch it when I have good day or alright day or bad day. And Bluey is just such a great show! Also love this podcast was looking for a podcast I can listen to about Bluey and founded this podcast and this show is great great going over each episode In great detail! Also I want hear more from everyone yes everyone, cause all of you are so awesome and cool and all of you are unique in your own ways! So thank you for taking your time reading this review if you are reading this also I would appreciate if you give me shout out on the show that be awesome!
I love this show me and my sister love it it’s creative funny and awesome my favorite episode is unicors
i love bluey I’m 12 no shame i watch it everyday especially on tuff days. Love the pod 😊😊😇😂🤣😘🤫🤫🤫 I forgot to say that I am a boy too
You forgot to say that when dad walked into the bathroom we heard a crack so I think he broke the tile when he stepped on it
My name is not markee it is may.
This is a very good podcast I love Bluey